Q: How do I register?

A: Please click HERE to register for the next event.

Q: What is Manlalakbay na Gurong Mason in English?

A: Traveling Master Mason

Q: What is MGM?

A: MGM is a gathering of Master Masons from all over the world to witness the raising of a brother and enjoy the fellowship with brethren that may otherwise would not have the opportunity to do so.  It is not an organization.  It has no officers.  It has no by laws.  It does not have a bank account.

Q: Who organizes the MGM events?

A: MGM events are organized by the host lodges.  They are usually guided by host lodges of previous MGM events.

Q: What is an MGM weekend like?

A: Friday is usually a meet and greet day, early registration, a welcome dinner and a friendly basketball tournament. Saturday begins with brunch and registration, degree rehearsal followed by a hearty luncheon, and a degree conferral in the afternoon. After the conferral more refreshments and fellowship follow. On Sunday, the brethren are served breakfast and the everyone bid their farewells.

Q: What makes the MGM experience unique?

A: MGM provides brethren with the opportunity to see different charges and presentations.  In past events, after the lodge is closed, the raised brother was given the Oklahoma and Washington charges.  These charges are often delivered by brethren from outside of California.

Q: Where are the event contributions money allotted for?

A: The event contributions pay for the food and refreshments for all attendees from Friday night to Sunday morning as well as and rental fees and other expenses that are needed to make the experience for all brethren unforgettable.  MGM is not a fundraiser and is not intended to raise funds for any particular cause.  However, due to the immense generosity of the attendees, there is usually an excess of funds after the event.  In the case where there are left over funds, they are donated to the charities of the host lodge’s choosing.  Past beneficiaries include: the International Order of Job’s Daughters, Rainbow Girls, Scottish Rite, Shriners International, Grand Lodge of California, and others.